Sanctuary Spotlight

In each Sanctuary Spotlight, Volunteer Sharon Ellis features a faith community that has demonstrated tremendous support for the MBHS Mission. This edition is shining the Sanctuary Spirit Spotlight on St. Anthony on the Lake—Pewaukee.

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In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.                                                                                                                    - Matthew 5:16

Love, Seek, Commit, Serve

These four actions—displayed prominently on the St. Anthony website—are clearly what the faithful of St. Anthony on the Lake (SAL) do on a regular basis to shine their light on the guests at the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary (MBHS.)

The parishioners of St. Anthony on the Lake have been described as "Givers of their time in a committed way—very generous—and seeing God in others. On any given Tuesday at Center Street, or at MBHS events or committees, we are sure to find any number of St. A’s Partners in Mercy providing service with dignity. 

We would find Clare Peiffer and Marianne Miller and their team providing and serving hot meals and take-out (pre-COVID) at Hephatha Lutheran Church for the last six years. 

Or Tom Bohmann and his dedicated crew delivering 1100-1800 lbs. of produce, frozen, and dry goods from America Feeds to our Doorway Ministry.

And many members of this parish would literally give those in need the shirt off their back. One cold Sunday, Sister MacCanon brought a gentleman guest from the Sanctuary who did not have a warm coat. A member of the parish approached the man, took off his sturdy winter coat, and handed it to the guest. This act was followed by a parish-wide drive for warm clothing and supplies. A lived example of loving another, seeking out those in need, committing to help, and serving by providing warmth to a brother in Christ.

I asked Debbie Klimko, Director of Human Concerns & Marriage Ministry at SAL, why she thinks the connection to MBHS feels sos right.  She replied:

  • The Sanctuary’s mission and commitment to Catholic Social Teachings resonates in the hearts and minds of the St. Anthony community.

  • MBHS’s local and direct service.

  • Sister MacCanon’s genuineness.

Thank YOU St. Anthony on the Lake for sharing your light to brighten the lives of those who are served by the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary!

Sharon Ellis